Birthday Boy

My husband celebrates his birthday every year with America….

Even though his birthday is today he always say the entire country celebrating with him when the forth of July fire works starts every year hahaha…

Here to you ❤️ happy birthday 🎂 to the best dad and grandfather out there and many years to come…

Basketball Game


Saturday March 31st my granddaughter had a basketball game at USC basketball training center… USC is her dream college…


One day she will with gods willing attend USC because dreams due come true and when you believe in your self there is nothing impossible or could stop you in life.. Continue reading



Today we woke up realy early to attend our granddaughter Nashwa’s basketball tournament… it was 5:00 am and we had to be there at 7:00 for a game that starts at 8:00… It was raining and it was a long drive from the house to the tournament… yes its been a long day!! Continue reading