Driving to work

It was pouring Thursday morning on the way to work, it was really early about 4:30 am!


It was dark and masteries…

I love the rain but only when I am setting at home, reading, baking or cooking!


I don’t like to drive in the rain! well I was not driving that day, my husband was but still I don’t like to drive when its raining, people drive like crazy early in morning without it so can you imagine when you add the rain to the drive!! Sometimes you wonder to yourself what are these people thinking…. It was too early for me to deal with crazy people!!


Before I knew it the sun started raising and I could not help myself, I had to take these photos! It was a gorgeous morning after the rain stopped.


Most of the pictures came out as if they were a beautiful paintings, the sun looked like a blazing fire with a dark smoke filling the sky.


For unknown reason I love taking pictures of the sky especially when I see strange shapes of clouds filling it. Sometimes you look at the sky when its clear and you see amazing clouds in different shapes and patterns, you start to think and try to figure out if it resemble an animal or a face… That’s the beauty of mother nature…


So on the way home I took some more pictures, the sky looked different…It was bright, sunny and clear…



As I said mother nature at its best!

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