Today we woke up realy early to attend our granddaughter Nashwa’s basketball tournament… it was 5:00 am and we had to be there at 7:00 for a game that starts at 8:00… It was raining and it was a long drive from the house to the tournament… yes its been a long day!!

She shots and makes it!!! She is lucky number 13 with Lady blue chips basketball team after all…

Nashwa grow from this little adorable and gorgeous baby girl in to this smart, inelegant, athletic, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, thoughtful, smart and wonderful young lady…

They sure grow up soooooo fast…

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This is Nashwa’s first year with Lady Blue chips team, but she has been playing basketball for the past four years and she is getting better and better everyday!

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Nashwa has her eyes on the big prize, she is hoping one day she will get that scholarship to USC to play basketball… we are so blessed to have a smart young lady that is only eleven years old and thinking of college and a carrier in basketball.

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With team efforts and hard work made the dream come true, that’s what happened today, her team in her age division has won all of their games and they are at 1st place…

IMG_0195 (2)IMG_1310

Tomorrow is another tournament and I hope her team wins again! they deserve it, they work hard at practice…

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