About me

My name is Ekhlas ( it means devotion in English)

Born and raised in a small fisherman town in Israel called Acre with beautiful beaches, gorgeous landmarks and hot summers….

Got married and moved to the state when I was 18 years old… The only comfort I had for the first three years away from family and childhood friends was my little girl, and my kitchen.. I started cooking and creating delicious food and baked goods for my new found friends and neighbors.

After I finished school and started working, had my two boys and I went on to have my own little family and friends here in my hometown in California, everyone started complementing me on my food and baked goods and that’s how this blog started.

Cooking should come from your heart. You do not need to speak a foreign language to show you are a knowledgeable or sophisticated person when it comes to food. Food is an international language and it should speaks for itself.

I am a recipe developer of both cooking and baking.. my specialty is sugar free desserts… For inquiries  please email me at


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