Winter came late

Winter came late this year… This morning everything was covered with this beautiful white snow……

I guess that’s how everyone lives in the East coast and the Midwest every year, Lucky them!! I wish we have snow every year especially on thanksgiving day, I would have loved it to be this cold, the grass and mountains covered with white beautiful snow, the delicious aroma of the turkey cooking in the oven, the pies ahhhhhhhhhhhh I would have just loved it!!!!

The front view of our house was gorgeous this morning, Palm Springs mountains were covered with Snow….


Beautiful and mysteries dark sky…


It looked amazing and it was so calming… The air was crisp and clean I just loved it!!! what can I say, I am a winter person… I love winter, I love the fashion, I love the cold crisp air, and how clean everything smells…I just love everything about it!!


We woke up to this white x-mas in the end of February this morning…Our street and our next door neighbors cars and trash cans were covered with snow


Our olive tree


The middle part of the patio set cover is a solid piece of thin ice…


Our baby loquat plum tree…


The grass is completely covered in inches of snow…



Gorgeous view of the backyard mountains…




Looks like a beautiful white rug…



And just like that, the sun came out and all the snow started melting awayyyyyyy…


And again just like that…….Back to reality…

I wanted it to last a little longerrrrrrrr!!!

Winter is coming

I love everything about winter!

I love the clothes and how crisp and clean the air….

I love the smell of delicious cookies baking in the oven doing winter, it makes the house smell like haven….