Sunday Drives

Today we went on one of our Sunday drives, we drove for about an hour and a half to Anaheim to get some Middle Eastern sweets and have lunch there.

Even though I been having a bad cold for a week and I am almost over it I wanted some Konafa and I wasn’t about to make it with this cold, so the best thing is to buy it from our favorite pastry shop!

Basbosa or as we call it back home Harisi, baklava and all kind of delicious and scrumptious sweets…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh delicious, sweet and cheesy Knafi…….

All I could say is Yummmmmm…

We also hit our favorite bakery Al Amir and had lunch there, we had manaaeesh, its a flat pita bread that some has zaatar, some had cheese or onions and meat.. all was so delicious and scrumptious…

Kofta pita

Cheese pita

Zatar pita

Sujok pita topped with fresh tomatoes and Middle Eastern pickles

There goes the diet, honestly I blow it today but they say you’re allowed a cheat day once a while!! It was so worth it…

I took a lot of beautiful pictures on the way there, it was a clear sky and a sunny beautiful day to take a ride.

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