I have been working on my vegetables and herbs garden for few months now and it’s coming together beautifully…

When I bought my house the yard was not completed, it was newly built and the yard was just dirt and rocks and I had to plant everything… For the past two years I have been working on the yard and trying to make it my own and bring my vision to life…

But it is far from done, I keep on changing the design and where everything needs or should go and how It should look like; trying hard to get my vision of the garden and the yard to come to life…

It’s getting there though…


From this bare land to this green lush haven!




The yard is almost complete but the vegetable garden is taking longer than I expected because of the heat that is sweeping my area for the last few weeks, as I write this post it is a 106 degrees at 11:00 AM today…




Last weekend I bought basil, mint, oregano, sweet bell and hot peppers to plant, I planted them in the evening because of the heat and so far they are doing amazingly…


I also planted Jasmin in a cube planters and placed them on the sides of what is going to be the walk way to the garden; I need to put the arbor together to complete it; just waiting on the weather to cool down and stop being a 98 degrees at 9 AM…

On one of the sides of the yard I planted Guava, Lemon, Lime and Apple trees but only the apple tree is doing well this year, I think because of the frost and winter lasted longer this year, hopefully the other trees will do better next year.

Facing the patio door I planted variety of roses and they are blooming so nicely and the smell of the roses is out of this world amazing…I just have to remove that black border, the wind keep knocking down… That was a waste of money, I don’t recommend it to anyone….



The grape vines also doing very well this year, beautiful lush green leaves and full of grapes… In few months I will harvest most of the leaves to pickle them and store to cook throughout the year, first I have to cook the rest of the grape leaves I harvested and pickled last year… I have use the same jars hehehehe….

Yummmm I love stuffed grape leaves….

Next to the grape vines I planted Orange, Peach, Loquat and olive trees…. None of the trees beside the grapes gave any fruit this year; I only had two peaches on the tree this year because of the frost, hard wind and late rain that blow all the  bloomed flowers away; last year all the trees were full of delicious fruits….

My blueberry tree held on to three of its fruit this year, hopefully it will do better next year it’s ok; it is a baby one…

I will post the updates for the garden soon… I love greenery I think I should live in the forest :)….

This is the weather right now as I am writing this post, crazy but I love the rain…

5 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. We are in this house almost five years now, and I STILL haven’t got my garden the way i want it to be! You are doing far better than I am…lol

  2. Ekhlas,
    what a beautiful garden, you are a PRO… I love the apple tree and the grapes vine… are you having your own winnery? lol
    such a great and relaxing view you have there.
    And then, Rain???…. what was that…!!!!

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