Birthday and Valentine celebration

Today was a special day for all of us, its my daughter and granddaughter birthday…. it was such a surprise that day for all of us, when our granddaughter decided to be born  few weeks early and on her mother birthday, this kid is always in a hurry……. I just love her…….It is so special to celebrate your birthday with your own kid, at least I think so!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and we are combining the celebration tonight, I really don’t like to go out on Valentine’s day anymore….. its a mad house out there and who needs the hassle. Cooking and baking at home is the best way to enjoy my evening than hassling with getting ready to be on time for our reservation and that’s if we even remembered to make one, finding a parking, dealing with so many people waiting to be seated at the restaurant where we can just relax and enjoy our evening in the comfort of our own home… don’t take me wrong I love to go out and enjoy myself but not on a busy day like Valentines day.


I prepared grilled fish and grilled vegetable’s for dinner and I baked a red velvet cake with girly color frosting….well that was not intentional, I wanted the frosting to be as red as it can be so I could decorate the top with the frosting in the shape of roses but it did not turn the shad that I was looking for, for some reason it was a dark shad of pink, oh well it was delicious and beautiful either way.


The cake turned out so beautiful and it tasted so good, moist and crumbly at the same time, and the sweetness was just right….ohhhh and get this, it was completely sugar free…. I chose a sugar free strawberry preserve, fat free cream cheese and sugar free powder sugar.. but trust me the flavor is behind the known sugar free meth, it tasted delicious and no one believed it that it was a sugar free cake including the frosting.

I choose a hart shaped pan for this special celebration, I love this pan and I try to use it as much as I can on birthdays and valentines day.


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Happy Valentines everyone


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