Rice treats

Rice Treats

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: easy
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My granddaughter texted me few days ago and asked me if I could make her some Rice treats and of course I had to deliver….I am madly in love with her, very smart, intelligent and beautiful inside out…And I do love making treats for my kids and grandkids…


These treats are easy to make and I always go all out when I am making them, I add all kind of delicious ingredients, like nuts, dried fruit and raisins. But this time I just made them simple, all I added is chocolate covered candy and ground cinnamon for added flavor…

The only marshmallows I use for these treats is Halal-Kosher marshmallows, or any other treats that asks for marshmallows for that matter! I melt it and add it to cupcakes and cakes frosting, and of course no doubt to top a delicious cup of hot chocolate at any time…


Halal-kosher marshmallows are made with beef gelatins, gelatin that I discovered that existed few years ago browsing the internet, I am sure they been around for a long time… I was on the hunt to make Jell-O for my husband for years, he loves Jell-O but I never made it because all of the packaged Jell-O you find at the stores are made with pork gelatin! And I been on the hunt for something better I could use for years until I found the beef gelatin and I have been using it to make all kind of delicious recipes at home ever since!Jello-Sugar Free


Also we love to use them when making s’mores with chocolate graham crackers, the marshmallows melts all over the crackers, top it with a piece of chocolate and you are in haven….They are yummy and  delicious. or do what my kids do just hold the bag in your lap and eat them one at a time!!!


Chocolate covered candy is one of my two granddaughter’s favorite candies, they just absolutely loves them and I made sure to use them this time.


I always stock up on marshmallows when I shop at the Middle Eastern store since its a thirty minutes drive from my house…They have them in different shapes and sizes, and different colors as well… And that for sure will make anyone feel like a kid again!

I also discovered that marshmallow cream fluff does not contains any animal fats or at least the one I buy, I love to add them to these treats, it makes them extra creamy and delicious… The marshmallow cream is perfect for making these treats vegetarian style!

Add nuts, chocolates or any other healthy topping, skip the marshmallows and the butter, add extra marshmallow cream and a tablespoon of vegetable oil to make them shine and your all set, this recipe is easily adjusted to everyone liking…


2 jars 7 oz. each marshmallow creams fluff

1 bag 8.80 oz. large size halal marshmallow

1 bag 8.80 oz. mini halal marshmallow

1/2 tbsp. unsalted butter

1/4 tsp cinnamon

7 1/2 cups rice cereal

line 9×13 cake pan with parchment paper and spray the parchment with nonstick cooking spray and set aside.


Spray rubber spatula with cooking spray.


In a large heavy pot on low heat melt the butter, add the entire bag of the large marshmallows, cinnamon and half the bag of the mini marshmallows.

Stir the mixer until smooth and creamy, it should take about 5 minutes.

Add the rice cereal, on low heart mix well and fast until the mixture is combined.

Remove from heat and spread the rice mixture in too the ready pan, with wet hands smooth the mixture in single layer. Work fast before the mixture start cooling.

Sprinkle the rest of the mini marshmallows and the covered candy all over the top, with clean damped fingers push the candy and the marshmallow in to the rice mixture..

I keep my food pictures as I take them, no filters or Photoshop, and as you could see some of the candy colors started to melt on to the top of the mixture but that is the beauty of a homemade food and sweet, it should look rustic and homemade not out of the factory or took hours to prefect the perfect pictures, all I care about is the flavor and the enjoyment of eating them.

Cool the mixture in the pan for few hours or overnight, covered on the kitchen counter.

Remove it from the pan by pulling the side of the parchment paper on too a cutting board, cut in half and in thirds or to any size you prefer.

Wrap each piece with plastic wraps and store in airtight container for about a week.. That’s if they last that long!!


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